Meet Our Sculptors

Stephen M. Tofano

New York born Stephen m. Tofano is a commercial sculptor and fine artist. He specializes in the creation of highly detailed prototype and production models in a wide range of shapes, scales and subjects. In addition to creating models for reproduction he has created many "one of a kind" sculptures which reside in many private collections throughout the United States and Europe. Some of his "special" creations can be seen in The White House, The Forbes Gallery and the Private Collection of President Ronald Reagan.

Stephen has sculpted original art work for many companies including "Hummelwerk"/Goebel Art Inc., The Lennox Corp, Superior Models Inc., Dragontooth Miniatures and many, many others.

His work is incredibly detailed and best of all, he makes really nasty beasties!! We are very excited to have him working with us.

Dawn Gaffney

Dawn Gaffney, a local artist from New Jersey started out as a sketch artist and painter. We were so taken with her work that we asked her to try her hand at sculpting. First she created a new line of pins including the beautiful Hippocampus, the Dragon-Fly which actually stares back at the wearer and our commemorative NY Ren Faire Pin.

Her love of horses has also led to a number of beautiful pieces. She says that "the clay speaks to her hands" and she obviously listens well. We are very exited to be working with this talented, budding sculptress.

Matthew Malpica

Matthew has loved art since he was a baby. Ever since that first hand cast he knew this was something he loved to do. At nine years old he sculpted his first piece. Made special, just for his mom. He made a beautiful dragonfly. Then he went to work on his first public piece, the boar beast, seen for sale for the first time in 2001 at the NY Ren Faire. He hopes to have a new piece ready for the 2002 season.

Matthew is the second youngest apprentice pewtersmith in the world. He presented the art of mold making at Chester Elementary School in NY and was very well received. He works with dad in the foundry working on molds and helping with finishing work.

Daniel Stachowiak

Here is the youngest apprentice pewtersmith in the world. Daniel sculpted his first piece at the tender age of five. Of course, it was a dragonfly for his mom (with a smile on its face). He also works with dad in the foundry. He has his own sculpting table and works diligently trying to come up with his next masterpiece.